Friday, July 5, 2013

Work and Play on the Rez

Why not let work and play mingle? 

Watch your sheep corral while you slide or swing on the monkey bars with your buddies.

Soft dirt makes a somewhat safe landing pad.

Practice your rodeo skills in your youth for a promising career later. Remember, "Ride rank, make bank!"

The free market is alive and well on the Rez -- you can usually get a snow cone or a big dill pickle for a resonable price from some entrepreneurial soul in one of several public housing complexes. Ayn Rand would be so proud.

A swap meet springs up wherever there's room to park a vehicle.

Some fun stuff!

A cheery morning coffee -- serving soon. We hope.

Oh, and ... don't pay attentions to signs. Whatever they may mean. :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Big Doin's in Chinle

                                      We have a hardware store in Chinle!

                   Ace Hardware opened in Chinle. The Grand Opening in April, 2012, was a great success.

It was very exciting - everyone was there!

Former Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley spoke most eloquently, in Dine Bizaad of course, about economic development on the Navajo Reservation, and the positive impact of business such as Ace Hardware blazing the trail.

President Shirley graciously allowed us to have our photo taken with him. We were pleased. President Shirley continues being proactive in community service since his term expired. 

Afterwards, we celebrated with luncheon at the swap meet. Others had the same idea; Goody's is a popular local lunch spot on Fridays.

 Enchiladas and tamales topped off our morning just right.

It is wonderfully convenient to have our very own hardware store in Chinle!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Canyon de Chelly, April

A beautiful April day in Chinle

led me to take a stroll down White House Trail in Canyon de Chelly.

Wading in the wash was a refreshing treat.

The sky and clouds and cliffs delighted me throughout my leisurely walk.

I returned refreshed and ready for life above the rim.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Signs on the Rez

The general public relies on signs for guidance and direction. It is no different here on the Rez than anywhere else; thoughtfully placed signs keep the populace smoothly flowing in the right direction. 

Keeping the landscape pristine is important!

Safety first!

Keep the good guys in.

The star is not only bright, but morning.

Rodeo rules on the Rez!

There ain't enough room for the both of us.

Considering a kitchen remodel?

Take note, all you credit card transactions.

We must consider ourselves warned.

What's vending mean?

In case you're lost.

Get out the washcloths and scrub brushes!

Whether seeking goods, services or directions; whether you need help deciding what to do or where to go, Rez signs are certain to lead you on.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Favorite Cowgirl

Shyla is my current favorite. She is taking to roping very well, with Daddy to teach her. She'll be throwing a lariat herself in no time.

Jump into the circle:

Good girl! Now you try:

Folks, I think she's got it, don't you?

(You may click to enlarge the above photos )

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Early Winter Scenes

 Please enjoy a few miscellaneous photos with the flavor of our everyday life on the Rez.

The current winter is milder than the last, I think. The warmer temperatures melt the snow and allow it to soak into the ground. The mountains above brood in the early morning light near Dilkon, Arizona

Llamas make pretty good sheep guardians; they're cranky and big. This haughty, disdainful guy ran away from the sheep, though, when we came near his charges below Carson Mesa.

It seems that something is always burning down on the Rez. The firefighters managed to keep this trailer fire from spreading to the homes and businesses nearby as they watched it burn in Chinle, Arizona.

There's always an exciting happening involving livestock here on the Navajo Reservation, like this long-past event advertised north of Many Farms, Arizona.

We didn't attend, though we might have been tempted by a chance to win da big bucks.

 Some among the ubiquitous Rez dogs are pressed into duty as watchdogs; 

we consider ourselves duly warned though little intimidated by these lazy fellows.

I succumb with pleasure to the lure of roads like this one leading to the top of Carson Mesa.